In cooperation with the Chinese Cultural Institute in Copenhagen &

Zhejiang Song Dance Theatre, we are proud to present the performance of 

Zheijiang Song & Dance Troupe

Butterfly Girls Band

Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe

Sunday June 11th 2023 at 14.00 in Fanø Hallen, Nordby, Fanø

Sunday June 11th 2023 at 20.00 in Fanø Hallen, Nordby Fanø

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I. Opening dance music The Wind Comes from the East
Performers: Zhejiang Song & Dance Troupe, Butterfly Girls Band

The wind comes from the east, and all nations live side by side in perfectharmony. Music resonates with dance, and heart is lightened with love. The opening performance combines traditional Chinese folk music anddance. And it kicks off in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere, blessing thelong-lasting friendship between China and Denmark with beautiful meanings, and sending blessings to distant relatives from home.

II. Couple Dance Liang Zhu

The story of Liang Zhu, one of the four great legends of ancient China, the main characters of which are known as Romeo and Juliet of the East. The work adopts picturesque and beautiful dance vocabulary, and the dancers turn into butterflies, slowly unfolding the love story handed down by the people for thousands of years like a picture scroll, conveying the loyalty and immortality of love.

III. Erhu Solo Sing Water Country
Performer: Butterfly Girls Band

It is composed by Li Guogang and and adapted by Sun Yurong. The music is based on Zhejiang folk songs. Set in the Jiangnan water town, it depicts the beautiful scenery of the water town, the splendid scenery of the fishing sails and the joy of the fishermen when they return to the boat. The tune is beautiful and fresh, while the rhythm is light and cheerful.
The scenes are blended and fascinating, which displays as well as expresses the infinite praise of the people in the water town to pursue a happy life.

IV. Magic Card Show
Performer: Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe

The work has been innovated and re-created based on the original traditional program Card Skills, using difficult techniques such as grabbing cards empty-handed, 360°hands, secondary round fan, four-color fan, S fan, back of hand fan, red and white routines, etc. to increase the viewing of the performance. With this work, magician Jiang Yaping
has successively won the world’s most authoritative magic program magic• TV, and was awarded with the 2nd AMA-Asian Magic Alliance Conference-Japan Close Magic Association JCMA Special Award, World Magic Exchange Conference and Gold Medal International Magic Competition Champion and other important awards.

V. Group dance Pomegranate Blossom
Performers: Zhejiang Song & Dance Troupe

Pomegranate flowers bloom, sharing the similar seeds. In the ancient, inthe past, in the present and in the future, compatriots of all ethnic groups in the world are like fiery red pomegranate flowers, which shows that similarities and differences do not contradict with each other. The five colors are intertwined, and complement each other. Strive to practice the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind, turn the aspirations of people around the world for a better life into reality, and bloom the flower of happiness together.

VI. Acrobatics Cup Rolling
Performer: Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe

The traditional Chinese acrobatic show Cup Rolling is a relatively ancient jiu-jitsu program in China. It relies on traditional techniques and techniques, and the performers take their own bodies as the center, and flexibly evolve the crystal cup tower on the round platform to complete the performance, fully displaying the essence of Chinese folk art and the
charm of Chinese acrobatic art.

VII. Folk Music Spring Blossoms on the Moonlit River
Performers: Butterfly Girls Band

Spring Blossoms on the Moonlit River, Chinese classical song, is a seven-word long song written by the Tang dynasty poet Zhang Ruoxi. Tides of the spring river washes into the leveled ocean. And with the tide, a luminous moon is born above sea surface. Shimmering with the waves for thousand miles, where is there no moonlight gracing this spring river!
Guzheng and pipa are both historical national musical instruments, and they are used to present Zhang Ruoxi beautiful scenery of spring, river, flowers, moon and night.

VIII. Solo dance Cloud Trail
Performers: Zhejiang Song & Dance Troupe

Moon reflection on river is like mirror from heaven. Clouds conjure up images of swimming castles in air. Wind rises and clouds swell. Clouds trace amid heaven and earth. The work combines the elements of ethnic folk dance and contemporary dance, which allows the dancers to turn into the intention of clouds, reflecting heart traces with cloud traces, and turning cloud traces into concerns, close and boundless.

IX. Folk music Jiangnan Charm
Performer: Butterfly Girls Band

It was rearranged by composer Gu Guanren into a qudi quintet of flute, erhu, pipa, yangqin, and guzheng, so that playing this piece without an orchestra also has a better performance effect. The music combines the tunes of Jiangnan silk bamboo famous music The Song of Joy and Jiangsu folk song Uproot Lu Chai Flower, vividly showing the customs and
habits of Jiangnan water town, and it fully expresses the strong flavor of Jiangnan.

X. Acrobatics Umbrella Technique
Performer: Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe

The brimming waves delight the eye on sunny days. The dimming hills present rare view in rainy haze. West Lake may be compared to Lady of the West. Whether she is richly adorned or plainly dressed. The beautiful scenery of Jiangnan is dreamlike, and the umbrella art representing Zhejiang’s traditional culture and the international top acrobatic skill-
umbrella technique, which is born in this picturesque situation, showing the intangible cultural heritage in a thrilling skill display.

XI. Epilogue dance and music Great Beauty of China
Performer: Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre

Here, poetry and painting intersect, and cultural heritage tells a rich history. Here, islands and grasslands face each other, and the map of China interprets the beautiful China. Here, towns and villages prosper together, and a good life paints a picture of happiness. The epilogue song and dance will praise and sing the beauty of China with a magnificent performance, bringing the show to a new climax again.