China to Fanoe - Chinese kites

China is considered the birthplace of kite flying. The earliest evidence of the use of kites dates from around 770 BC. Where kites today have a recreational purpose, they were initially used for military and other practical purposes. Kites continue to play a significant role in Chinese culture.

There are many different types of kites that can be found throughout China.

The best known is probably the so-called millipede kite, which usually has a dragon head and after that a long body / tail that can be many meters long.

Another typical kite design is the swallow kite, which as the name suggests has the shape of a swallow. These are available in many variations, but they are all characterized by a very beautiful and shapely decoration.

Other known Chinese kite types are bird kites, including not least eagle kites, three-dimensional kites and mechanical kites, where the wind causes parts of the kite to move.

Since many of the kite types are repeated all over China, it is first and foremost the single kite builder who puts his own stamp on the kite.

This applies not least to the decoration of the kite, which is of great importance. There are many traditional patterns and motives that recur on the kites, but many of the best kite builders give the kites their own expression.

The 25 kite builders and Pan ying kite flyers visiting Fanø from June 11 to 17 are some of the most prominent Chinese kite masters, representing many different provinces and different types of kites.

We look forward to showing Chinese kite art to the public.

Leng Shixiang, Beijing

Miniature, Soft Wings, Hard wings

Huo Chunling, Beijing

Soft Board, Soft Wings, Hard Wings

Cheng Yinghua, Hebei

Dragon String, Soft Wings, Hard Wings

Bu Xhiqi, Chengdu

Soft wing, Hard Wing

Yang Zhibing. Jiangsu

Nantong Banyao Hard Wings

Shen Xiaocheng, Zheijiang


Zhang Tengyun, Yunnan

Hard Wings

Li Yingguang, Guangdong

Guangdong Speciality Kites

Zhao Cuizhi

Pan Ying outdoor low altitude

Zhao Shiming, Beijing

Soft wing, Hard Wing, eagle kiteflier

Liu Baohua, Tianjin

Dynamic Kite Work

Liu Shujie, Hebei

Board, Soft Wings

Yang Hongwei, Weifang

Dragon String, Soft Wings, Hard Wings, 3D

Quan Heping, Shanxi


liu Lijian, Zhejiang

Soft Wings, Hard Wings, 3D

Wu Zuwei, Shanghai

Shanghai Speciality Kites

Zhang Jinbao

Pan ying Low altitude

Liu Shouzhi, Beijing

Soft wings, Hard Wings, Dragon String Works

Zhang Tiezhu, Tianjin

Soft Wings, Hard Wings, String board Works

Deng Jing, Chengdu

dragon string, soft wings, hard wings

Liu Zhijiang, Hebei

Soft Wings, Hard Wings, 3D

Song Changhong, Henan

Soft Wing, Dragon String

Tan Peng, Liaoning


Li Tao

Liang Xutao

Pan Ying indoor high altitude